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The Travel Corporation: a Family-Run, Award-Winning Travel Company

Beginning first with a modest travel company by the name of Trafalgar Tours, and over time growing into an enterprise corporation operating 25 unique international brands, The Travel Corporation has become a world leader in the travel and leisure industry.

With such an impressive history of growth and expansion, it is interesting to note that The Travel Corporation (TTC) is in fact, a family-run business with three generations of the Tollman family actively running the company. Founded by Stanley Tollman who today serves as the company’s chairman, and led by CEO and President Brett Tollman, (Stanley Tollman’s son), the company employs over 4000 people, operates in sixty countries throughout the world and provides a wide spectrum of travel and tourism offerings that serve the desires of a diverse client-base. Gavin Tollman, who is nephew to Stanley Tollman, is also an active member of TTC’s managerial team. Not only does he serve as CEO of Trafalgar Tours, one of TTC’s leading tour operators, he is also chairman of The Travel Corporation South Africa.

The Travel Corporation’s offering in travel and leisure is broad. Some of the brands included within TTC’s offering are: tour companies like Trafalgar, Contiki and Brendan Tours; the Red Carnation Hotel Collection; and river cruise operator Uniworld. One underlying theme among the many brands operated within the TTC group is the dedication to customer satisfaction. The company often seeks feedback from its clientele, and takes this feedback into consideration when developing new travel programs and packages. This attention to satisfaction of its clients has earned the company’s brands numerous accolades including Travel Company of the Year, awarded by the industry’s top trade publication, Travel Trade Gazette. TTC is also proactive about environmental initiatives, most notably through its founding of the Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible touring in environmentally sensitive destinations throughout the world.